Monday, December 04, 2006


Christmas officially started yesterday for us.

Saturday night was the first-ever Rage Music Awards. It was a huge success -- thanks to everybody who made it out! -- but it also went later than we're used to staying out these days. So our Sunday started around 11 a.m. Yeah, that's productive....

By the time we got ourselves showered and coffee-ed and out the door, it was more like 1 p.m. We went first to the Gas Lamp Antique Mall, which was hosting a holiday open house. Our friend Libby has a vintage clothing booth there, and she always has amazing stuff. She didn't have any of Christian's coveted Western shirts this time, but Kristin scored an amazing floor-length "wedding coat." We also found a little something for Christian's sister and a few gold Christmas ornaments.

Sidebar #1: Kristin does an all-gold Christmas tree. She inherited the tradition from her mother, who picker it up from her mother. Little white lights and lots of sparkly things. Christian, to his credit, has graciously acceded to this Christmas quirk.

From the antique mall to the shopping mall, where we hit Davis-Kidd Booksellers for gifty-type things, then to Wild Oats for the good-quality chocolate and espresso powder that the chocolate midnight cookies require.

Sidebar #2: Does anybody know what the difference is between espresso powder and instant espresso? It's the one fight we have had the entire time we have known each other. The cookie recipe requests espresso powder, but says you can substitute regular espresso ground super-fine. Kristin makes that substitution. Christian says espresso powder and instant espresso are the same thing and that Kristin should get instant espresso instead of using the regular coffee. Kristin says espresso powder and instant espresso are different things (although she can't say what the difference actually is), and continues to use the regular coffee ground extra-fine. Anybody know who's right? We're thinking about calling in to Lynn Rosetto Kaspar at NPR's "The Splendid Table."

From there we hit Target for a cheap-y coffee grinder. You know, for the espresso. We also picked up a few goodies for the kitties, including a catnip-infused scratching board.

Sidebar #3: First time we have exposed the kitties to catnip. And man, stoned kittens are FUNNY!!!

Finally, we backtracked to Home Depot where we picked up a really stunning Christmas tree. It's not as fat as Kristin prefers, but it's tall and full and straight, and getting it into the stand didn't spark any unpleasantness. All good so far!

It will probably be Wednesday before we can get the tree decked, however. We completely forgot that we're going tonight to see Ray LaMontagne, one of our collective favorite singers. Tomorrow Kristin has an after-work meeting, and since she's a complete control freak about doing the lights, Christian is too scared to attempt to tackle that without her.

Whew! For a day that started so late, we did get a lot accomplished. Tonight, Ray. Tomorrow ... maybe the lights? We'll see....


  • So, I'm wondering which one of you writes the actual posts - or do you take turns? Or sweetly sit side-by-side at the computer and write it together? I do not have one single clue why I care, by the way.

    You guys have been busy!! But - I bet your tree is beautiful when it's all decorated. And I must comment on Davis-Kidd Booksellers! I went there as a kid when visiting my aunt (who no longer lives in Nashville) and it was the biggest bookstore I'd ever seen, and I was so dorky that I bought a t-shirt. For a bookstore. Yup.

    PS, my word verification code this time is a bunch of random letters with "joy" in between. Seems nice and Christmasy!

    By Anonymous guinness girl, at 2:52 PM, December 05, 2006  

  • The blog writing varies. Usually one of us writes the post, then the other edits and adds to it. Sometimes it's mostly one or the other of us, sometimes it's 50/50. Lately I've been doing most of the writing. Christian usually adds the art and hot links.

    The tree will be decorated tonight, so we'll get pix of it up. I'm definitely not happy with the tree, now that the branches have fallen as much as they're going to. I like a nice, fat tree, and this one looks like it's been on Atkins.

    They have moved Davis-Kidd into the mall. It's even bigger now than it used to be, although somehow being inside the mall makes it look smaller.


    By Blogger CK1, at 3:01 PM, December 05, 2006  

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