Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attacking the boxes

Well, we thought we were done moving. And if the friend who said she was going to move into Christian's old apartment and buy his sofa comes through, then we are. If that deal falls apart, as still might happen, then we're moving a very large, very heavy leather sofa. Tonight.

Whether we have to embark on that particular adventure or not, we are going to start excavating the living room today. It will get worse before it gets better -- Kristin still has about 10 boxes of stuff in the guest room that she never unpacked when she bought the house more than 4 years ago, so there's a lot of remedial organization that has to happen before we can really dive in. But we have the three-day weekend to work on it, so we're (perhaps foolishly) optimistic.

While Kristin is sorting through the archives, Christian will be working on carpentry projects -- several dresser drawers have lost their faces, so he'll be playing with wood glue and finishing nails. Wish him luck.

Album of the Moment: Ray LaMontagne, Till The Sun Turns Black


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