Saturday, August 05, 2006

Say legs....

We've been back for a week, and we're just now getting back to our normal lives, although Christian refuses to set his watch back to Central Daylight Time.

Ask him what time it is.

"It's 3:30 in San Francisco. And Point Reyes. And Portland. And...."

We still have many stories to tell, and we plan to do it here in this space.

For example:

Before we jetted out of L.A., Christian's dad took us for a final stop at an awesome little out-of-the way restaurant, the Fisherman's Outlet, which serves up generous portions for about $9 or less a plate. You kind of have to know how to get there. It's not close to the touristy, Hollywoody type things. But it's worth the trip because it's so daggum good.

Kristin had the $9 daily special, which was two stuffed crabcakes full of fresh crab meat, served with fries and slaw. (It was supposed to come atop a green salad, but arrived with fries. Go figure.) Christian ordered the daily special "sampler" platter, which was also about $9. It had large pieces of catfish, a crabcake, about eight fried shrimp, and healthy portions of fries and slaw. Christian's father ordered the "4-piece fish only" which is about $6. And the name says it all. You get "fish only" when you order a dish called "fish only."

After the wonderful meal, it was time to go, and then we gassed up the Budget-rental-mobile,
which served us very well along Rt. 1, despite the flat tire. But before we turned in the car, we decided to get a group photo at the gas station for the blog.

Before we continue with this tale, you need to understand Christian's father's philosophy on giving money to the homeless. He will give money to a homeless person, as long as they perform a small task in exchange. That could be jumping jacks. Washing his car windows. Telling a joke. Singing a song. Or whatever. On Saturday, Christian's father asked the gentleman to snap a photo. The man agreed, and a small fee was paid. And after receiving instructions on how to operate the camera, Kristin, Christian and Christian's father all posed and said "cheese."


The young man smiled, said "Thanks," and handed back the camera. He didn't run away with it, which is a good thing. And then, thanks to digital technology, we looked at the photo.

All of us, including the young photographer, agreed that we needed a do-over.

That was much better the second time.

Album of the moment: Jean Michel Jarre, Equinoxe


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