Saturday, July 29, 2006

Homeward bound

Where in the world have we been? Well, at the moment, we're still down in Venice Beach, wiping away tears because this chapter is drawing to a close. We have lots of new stuff to write about, but it's been somewhat of a chore to get Internet service since we've been in Los Angeles.

We have been having a fantastic time in L.A. We ran around in Melrose, we strolled along Venice Beach gawking at all the kooks and crazies, we went on Christian's dad's patented driving tour of downtown L.A. (kind of like Kristin's dad's patented driving tour of downtown D.C., but with fewer monuments), we met up with She Said What?!?, who is one cool chick, and we caught up with Kristin's old friend Aaron, whose new BBQ restaurant, the Boneyard Bistro, was fabulous!

We have lots of stories and, of course, many more photos, but we have to be out of our hotel in 30 minutes, and Christian is still in the throes of packing. We'll update as soon as we can. See you back on the Nashville side!


  • THAT was fun!!

    By Blogger Stella, at 9:15 PM, July 31, 2006  

  • Wait until we post our "Blogger Meets Blogger" entry -- we had the BEST time with you!!! We're so sorry we didn't meet you before you left Nashvegas. Cause you're, like, cool and stuff. (And you don't know us well enough, but that's our very highest level of praise!) We're watching the dissolution of the Cuban empire tonight, but we'll post about our amazing BBQ dinner tomorrow. Many, many thanks for all the great suggestions!

    By Blogger CK1, at 1:02 AM, August 01, 2006  

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