Monday, August 28, 2006

And we're back!

The west has indeed changed our lives for good. Christian has now employed a full-time ponytail that resides on the back of his head (as long as he continues having hair).

Kristin has diamonds on the soles of her hands and Christian living full-time in what was formerly her house.

Which means that all of Christian's stuff has moved in, too. He's not too terribly attached to most of the furniture, which means Kristin and Christian are gearing up for the mother of all yard sales. Those of you who live in Nashville, we'll let you know when it is. Everything must go!

Well, almost everything. There are a few a few choice items, such as his grandmother's antique art deco desk that will certainly have a new life in the co-mingled lives of CK1.

But other things, such as this supa-fly pair of 9-1/2 size snakeskin cowboy boots are no longer welcome around these parts. They're destined for eBay or the yard sale or something like that.

Not only has the move taken lots of free time, but we're also trying desperately to re-brand our blog. Because (sadly - sniff, sniff) we're not out West anymore. So the name CK1-West doesn't really apply. And we didn't really know what to do once we got back here. Of course we could go on and on and on and on about what we did out West, but that's old news. Nobody wants to read about that.

Maybe occasionally, we'll talk about our fantastic voyage out west. It was truly remarkable. But this site is going to go through somewhat of a transformation.

For now, however, take a look at the living room:

And here's a photo of the guest bedroom:

Yep. That's, like, a whole bunch of musical instruments, clothes, a paper shredder, a hat, and a guy who looks like he's about to eat a whole bunch of ratatouille and drink some pinot noir.

Album of the Moment: Richard Buckner, Meadow


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