Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Desperately seeking sugar

Anybody know where in Nashville Kristin can find pretty sugar? The holiday baking has commenced, and she finds herself in need of coarse crystally sugar. Like sea salt, only sugar. Sea sugar?

Waylon and Willie have quickly figured out that the best place to be when Kristin is baking is directly under her feet, the better to gobble up any stray bits of butter that escape the electric mixer. This has already resulted in stepped-on cats. They don't seem to care.

More baking on tap tonight, assuming K can find the sugar. Christian, meanwhile, will probably be hanging out in Second Life. Look for a guy with wings and a mohawk.


  • On the sugar:
    * Williams Sonoma will surely have it.
    * And Publix.
    * And what about Fresh Market.
    * And I bet the Belle Meade and Green Hills Krogers.

    Anywhere else I think is iffy.

    By Anonymous lcreekmo, at 11:16 AM, December 07, 2006  

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