Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Anybody wanna buy a restaurant?

Sad news arrived yesterday via the East Nashville list-serv:

The Red Wagon Cafe, one of our very favorite neighborhood brunch spots and the place Kristin's mother had hoped to have a bridesmaids' luncheon next spring, is up for sale. It's not a huge surprise, really: Meg, the owner, has been talking about wanting to get out for a while now. But if Kristin's grandmother's biscuits are good, Meg's biscuits are transcendent. Maybe the best we've ever had, and we have, between the two of us, eaten a lot of biscuits. So, anybody out there have a really, really good biscuit recipe and wanna buy a restaurant?

In other news:

Yeah, yeah, we were gonna be better about posting regularly. But more important than updating the blog right now is getting all the freakin' boxes out of the living room.

It actually has gotten better. All the large furniture has either found a home or gone to the garage. A neighbor bought Christian's old bed for her son, who is moving back to Tennessee after several years on the West Coast. Better news, she's also going to buy the microwave, and she's even taking the huge stack of old wrought-iron porch supports that have been sitting in the garage since Kristin had the house painted last year. So that's all good.

But. There are still boxes. Lots of boxes. Full of ... random stuff. And they all have to find at least a temporary home by Friday, because Kristin's parents are coming in for the weekend, and Kristin can't handle the thought of them seeing the house in anything less than pristine condition. Sadly, this time that ain't gonna happen. Best we can hope for at this point is to get everything stacked somewhat neatly in a corner and close the door.

Yard sale is still in the works. We'll let you know.


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