Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Christmas Crud

(honk) Excuse us while Kristin indulges in her new favorite hobby -- blowing her nose.

We came back from Christmas in D.C. with a late Christmas present from Kristin's brother -- his Christmas cold. Well, Kristin did. Christian appears to have dodged that particular bullet. At least, he really hopes so, because this thing was just nasty. Kristin's employees MADE her go home early on Friday.

To all of you we had plans with over the weekend, we apologize. We didn't make it to a single one of the parties we had planned to attend. Didn't do any after-Christmas shopping. Didn't do much of anything, really. Slept a lot. The only reason we made it out of pajamas at all was to go out for sushi (Kristin's favorite cure for the creeping crud -- lots of wasabi), and to go over to Christian's grandmother's last night for black-eyed peas. Er, yeah. Happy new year to us.

Love to all our friends and warm wishes for 2007.