Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heading Home

We're exhausted. That's the result of four days surrounded by millions in DC for the inauguration of a new president. We figured we walked maybe six miles yesterday, due in part to our confusion about how to actually get onto the National Mall. Kristin's dad dropped us off close to the action, but our route turned out to be closed because of the parade. So we had to walk from 7th and E to about 19th and K. Which means we had to walk the entire length of the mall then back around the White House. Normally, a walk like that would be relatively easy. But there were massive crowds in the downtown streets -- flag wavers, revelers, families, vendors and even a few protesters. It was packed, and moving through the crowds was quite an experience. There were so many people surrounding us at times that it was hard to fathom. C says he can remember looking back up a hilly street downtown that was rippling with people as far as he could see. Even so, there were no problems. Everyone stayed positive, cheering and joyful, despite the tight conditions that often resulted in zero personal space. After the inauguration, we walked for miles again to get out of the masses.

We feel lucky that we made it onto the mall to even see anything. The papers this morning are reporting that many people, even ones with tickets, were blocked out of the main event. We were far away from the action, but we could see everythimg on a jumbotron next to the Washington monument. It was thrilling to hear the spontaneous cheers. "Fired up! Ready to go!" "o-ba-ma! o-ba-ma."

We're now in northern Virginia on the road back to Nashville. We are tired. A little sore. But we are hopeful, encouraged and energized.

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  • Kristin, loved your facebook quote about making millions of new friends and then elbowing your past them to get out of there! LOL, great stuff.- Dad

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:58 PM, January 22, 2009  

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