Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Greece? Rome? Marfa? Anyone?

Every holiday-based chocolate and cookie-type thing in the house is reduced to crumbs, so we now turn our attention to something entirely new: our next vacation.

We're seeking guidance and insight into cool travel spots.

The next vacation might turn out to be the big one... the honeymoon, in May. (Although we're not entirely sure we can hold off another five months at work without significant time off.)

Of course, we're thinking we'll blog about it, just as we did this past summer during our great western adventure.

Where should we go? That's about as far as we've gotten so far. But we have ideas.

Perhaps we'll stay domestic, and travel west (again!) to one of Kristin's favorites, Marfa, Texas, home of the famous Marfa Lights and the Chinati Foundation art museum and, best of all, the Cibolo Creek Ranch. Marfa is where Kristin traveled when she learned she needed to be free.

Overseas options include all the usual spots, such as Greece, maybe Rome. What about Amsterdam? Egypt? So many places -- so little time. Kristin's friend Lisa gave us a bunch of guidebooks to Guatemala, and Christian has a friend of a friend whose family owns luxury hotels there, so that intrigues us too.

So what do you guys think? The wedding is in early May. Where is fabulous that time of year? Anyplace terrific you have been? Anyplace awful we should stay the heck away from? We're all ears. Or eyes. Or something like that.


  • FUN!

    I'm DYING to go to Greece.

    ANyway - as far as places I've been, Wilman and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, and we loved it. I can send y'all some books or tell more about it. We figured it was the perfect honeymoon spot because it's unlikely that we'll have the inclination to take enough time off ever again for travel that far away. (Then again...we both would love to go to New Zealand, so who knows?)

    I used to swear I would go to the Cinque Terre, which is on the Italian Riviera, for my honeymoon (until what I'll refer to as The Hawaii Logic kicked in - and until I learned we'd be taking family vacation to Portofino - just down the road from Cinque Terre - a mere two months after our honeymoon).

    At the same time, we spent the tail end of the honeymoon in Napa/Sonoma Valleys and later determined we would love to spend a whole two weeks out there, too. We LOVE that area of the country.

    If you want unique...I think the most unique place I've been is Turkey, and there are a lot of cool places you can go - you could probably spend time in Istanbul and then maybe tack on some time in one of the sea/vacation towns?


    Longest comment EVER?

    By Anonymous guinness girl, at 4:32 PM, December 28, 2006  

  • My overseas experience is limited to England and Scotland. And, I must say, Scotland rocks.

    By Blogger lizgwiz, at 10:54 AM, December 29, 2006  

  • Oaxaca, Mexico
    unbelievable food, art, beaches
    can't be beat

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 PM, January 01, 2007  

  • Scotland is wonderful but it is darn cold in May. Better than now, however. :)

    I always have a vote for Greece [and Turkey too, while you're at it!!]. Amsterdam is delightful but you can hit the high points in a few days if if you're going long again, I say Greece.

    By Anonymous lcreekmo, at 12:52 AM, January 06, 2007  

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