Monday, December 18, 2006

Brought to you by the letter "N"

We've been tagged by Guinness Girl. We're been working at it all freakin' day. Who knew "N" was such a tricky letter?

10 Things about us that start with N. Kind of. At least, it started out that way. We sort of lost focus toward the end there....

1. Nashville. The town where Christian grew up and Kristin has called home for 17 years.

2. Natterjack. Archaic English word for toad. Kristin learned it in a children’s book by Edward Eager titled The Time Garden, then used it at age 10 to definitively win her family’s version of the license plate game once and for all.

3. Neil. As in Young. As in one of our more favorite musical artists we have seen perform since we have been together. Front row at Ryman Auditorium during the taping of what became Jonathan Demme’s movie Heart of Gold, which we still have not actually seen. Although, how could watching the movie possibly match up to being there. Did we mention we were on the front row?

4. Nap. Having gotten up at 4:30 a.m., what both of us really, really want right about now.

5. Nother. What Christian wants when Kristin is baking. “That cookie was good. Can I have a nother?” (Yeah, we’re reaching here.)

6. Nuptials. What we’ll celebrate the first weekend in May ’07. We can’t wait!!!

7. Nada. That’s how many ideas Kristin has for what to get her father for Christmas. Other than that one thing, however, we are DONE!

8. Never thought it would be this hard to come up with 10 words that start with N.

9. Nine, nine, nine for my lost cause......

10. Ninety-nine gift bags of cookies on the counter, 99 gift bags of cookies? Take one down, pass it around ... and you’ve still got a freakin’ blue ton of cookies. They start to move out of our house tomorrow. Thank goodness.


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