Thursday, July 13, 2006

The key to it all: bocce?

Mount St. Laundry has erupted all over Kristin's guest room. We should have taken a picture of it before we started attacking the monster. Suffice it to say, it's formidable.

We've heard from several of you today, including our mothers, various friends and even our publisher, who gave great suggestions for things to do when we're out west. Mendocino was her top recommendation. "Postcard beautiful," she calls it. She also says we should try to hit San Francisco toward the end of the day so we can watch the sunset over the city from a bayside restaurant in Sausalito. Very romantic, she promises.

Christian's mom also issued a word of caution, urging us to stay away from bears and cougars when we're out. But that leads to a predicament. Do we tell her about our campsite in Point Reyes called Wildcat Campground?

Actually, we''re pretty sure it got that name because of a rock formation there that happens to look like a wildcat. Or something like that. Yeah.

The hike into Wildcat Camp probably will be the longest of our overnight hikes during the vacation. It's going to be a 5.5 mile hike in, and from what other bloggers have said, a large part of the trail runs along the craggy coast with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Our campsite is No. 7, which is set almost right on the beach, if the picture is accurate. No doubt it has all the potential of being the best morning-coffee-with-the-French-press experience yet.

Our hikes in California and Oregon follow other hikes we have taken this year. One of our favorites was in Big South Fork at the Angel Falls Overlook trail. It turned out to be one of those magical hikes, with a symphony of butterflies floating around the whole time as we breezed up the rocky trail. Once we hit the top, giant hawks began swooping up in front of the ledge in front of us. Then they were gliding above our heads.

I snapped a quick photo at the time, but it didn't turn out so good. Nevertheless, here's a document of a great memory. At the time, I snapped this while we were both lying on our backs on a cliff face that hung out over the Big South Fork.

And we've been finding other ways to prepare.

For one thing, we've played a few cutthroat rounds of bocce in Kristin's back yard. That, we have determined, is a necessary way to get in the mindset for such a fabulous coastal vacation. It sure beats packing.

Witness the smooth stroke of a bocce master:


  • Kristin dear heart, methinks the quality of the bocce is inverse to the intake of what's in the other hand! Ya'll enjoy and hopefully their's wild roller coaster ride in your and C's future in LA! I'm looking forward to you guys getting out here!

    By Anonymous Beer Goddess, at 7:25 PM, July 14, 2006  

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