Tuesday, July 11, 2006

T-minus 4 days...

Go ahead, and pinch us. Because the calendar says only four days left until we trek across this beautiful land, all the way from Nashville to the West Coast. Kristin and I, in a much-needed hiatus from the world of newspapering, will be flying to Portland, Ore., on Saturday. Our first night will be at the Jupiter Hotel, and then at the home of close friends of Kristin's parents.

It gets even better from there. We set out in a rental car for almost two weeks until we wind down to Los Angeles. We have stops along the way in San Francisco and wine country and points in between and around.

Which, by the way, means we haven't packed a single item. And we're still looking for places to stay in Los Angeles and Coos Bay, Ore. But, nonetheless, we think it will work out.*

The idea for this trip was simple -- we both get to see parts of the country where we've never been and have always wanted to see. (I'm sure we'll fit some rock 'n' roll in there somewhere, too!)

On our trip, we plan to visit some special wineries whose "juice" we have come to love. That's sort of Kristin's specialty. And then we're mixing in some hiking and camping in the redwoods and along the Oregon and California coasts.

During our trip, we plan to drink some of the best wine, eat some of the best food and see some of the most magnificent scenery for two whole weeks. The best part is, not a moment of it involves having to perform at our day jobs. We made sure to plan a trip where bosses couldn't find us even if they tried.

So far, here's a snapshot of where we'll be:

Portland, Oregon..................7/15-17
Coos Bay............................7/17-18
Eureka, California..................7/18-19
Point Reyes.........................7/21-22
San Francisco......................7/22-24
Big Sur................................7/24-25
San Luis Obispo....................7/25-26
Los Angeles.........................7/26-29

All plans, of course, are subject to the whim of the road and our wanderlust. Along the way, we hope to document the adventure with pictures and tales. Indeed, there will be evidence that Kristin is, in fact, sleeping in a tent. And not just in someone's backyard, but in the actual woods someplace outdoorsy.

*We hope. We're putting our faith in on the old refrain, "It always does."


  • Hi, Christian & Kristin! Look at you two!!! This blog site is really nice to be able to follow your journey. I just want you both to have fun, be careful, and don't go near the bears and wildcats!! Love, Mom :o)

    By Blogger djbottorff, at 10:57 AM, July 12, 2006  

  • Hi Kristin and Christian,

    I am so jealous that you are heading to my old stomping ground! Please check out my favorite restaurant in Healdsburg if you have a chance...It's called "Ravenous" and is located just on the town square next to the movie theater (The Raven). Have a great time!

    By Blogger Katie (K) A, at 9:24 PM, July 12, 2006  

  • C & K, you two are in need of a well earned fun time and it seems you have prepared just that for yourselves! I'm happy for you both but be advised it's been really hot on the left coast recently so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is my caution to you. If you get hung up around Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo fear not as many folks hit that area and never leave. Don't forget to collect a t-shirt for yourselves from one of the coolest university mascots in America which is the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs on your way to LA. The necessary glass of vino on Sunset at Whitney's favorite restaurant is in your collective futures! Enjoy from the Flexin' Beer Goddess!

    By Anonymous Beer Goddess, at 7:40 PM, July 14, 2006  

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    By Blogger Uncle Jerry, at 2:53 PM, July 18, 2006  

  • Tuesday 07/18/06
    HI CK1, it sounds like you two are having a fun filled experience on your trek south toward the old gold country of northern California
    (Eureka). Be careful with every step, as it may be your golden opportunity to strike it rich for life. Stake your claims and raise your glasses high to toast the gifts of joy and happiness on this wounderful journey together.
    Good Luck, Good Times, Good Wines.
    Uncle Jerry

    By Blogger Uncle Jerry, at 3:06 PM, July 18, 2006  

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